Welcome to Base Camp for

Compass Cali

and the

Adventurers of Akron!

come on in…

The Adventurers of Akron, Compass Cali, and the book “My Akron, My Home” were designed

with the intent that the families of Akron

could explore the area together,

as their schedule allows.

Here are some resources we’ve prepared for your journey:

“My Akron, My Home”
by Jessica Schneider

The book features Akron highlights that your family is sure to enjoy, time and time again!

The Adventurers of Akron is a collective of children and families that like to

get outdoors, explore, innovate, create, and weave themselves into the fabric of the greater Akron community.

Children can join the Adventurers of Akron as they hike, build, and make friends

in their own adventures!

Formal recognition is available in the form of patches that may be added to

bookbags, explorer vests, jackets, or picnic blankets.


Additionally, for those families that would like more action, a subscription service is available as well.

Bring the best of the Adventurers of Akron to your very own mailbox each month!

Children will enjoy activities, recipes, and inspiration to endeavor independently or with parents.

Parents will receive a parent packet with stickers to share with their child after they complete each activity.

Each month, families will be invited to explore Akron together as they look for the latest geocache,

hidden in plain sight!

*Adventure lies ahead for YOUR family!*



When you see another Adventurer of Akron on the trail, shout out “AOA”, share a smile, and grow your community!

Friends, we look forward to seeing you out and about!


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Adventurers of Akron, Compass Cali, and “My Akron, My Home” copyright 2018, all rights reserved.

Images of Compass Cali and the Adventurers of Akron are available for use for teachers and families through-out Akron, with permission of the author: