Jessica Schneider is your standard “hot mess Mom”, raising three adventuresome little boys in the Akron Area. She’s a Jesus-loving, hard working, always smiling Mama who could not imagine a more beautiful reality.

The Compass Cali character and the book, “My Akron, My Home” were born through the creative outpourings of a mother who simply loves to explore the world with her children. Akron offers so much to see and do. The area is filled with wonderful, hard working families and interesting nooks and crannies. Jessica felt that a book about the area simply had to be written for children!

Jessica grew up in the Akron area. She joined the United States Air Force Reserves after the events of 9/11 and had the extraordinary opportunity to meet the world from the back of a C130 (aircraft). Her time in the Air Force brought the world to life for the freckle-faced girl from Akron, while also helping her appreciate the culture and vibrance right here, in the Rubber City.

Upon her return to Ohio, Jessica married, and grew a family with another native Adventurer of Akron. As the couple welcomed each of their children, “My Akron, My Home” grew in content. In the quiet moments of parenting, Jessica sketched places and captured memories that wove together the beautiful experiences her family shared. Colorful and complete, Jessica would now like to share the book with you!

May you and your family enjoy your time exploring. May your time together strengthen your community and your family.


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