Would you like to see Compass Cali and a band of Adventurers in your town?

We are setting up a franchise option. Let’s talk.

My requirements for you:

  1. You must a parent or grandparent in the host city.
  2. You must have at least fifteen photos of the children in your life, enjoying a variety of locations in your city. We will not use the children, their faces, or identities in the writing process, but we do need the photos for inspiration. We are looking to maintain a level of authenticity and personalization with Compass Cali and her adventures. The photos must be your own.
  3. A relatively small start-up monetary investment, to be discussed.
  4. A commitment on your part to see the project through.

If you feel that you are ready to bring your dreams of a local children’s book to life, let’s collaborate!

Contact Jessica at adventurersofakron@gmail.com