Kids, you’re going to need to get the support of your parents for this.
As stated on the previous window, we do not want kiddos running around the city without their respective adults…
so grab your favorite adult, put on some comfy shoes, and get ready for fun!


Definition geocaching:

–the outdoor sport or game of searching for hidden objects by using Global Positioning System (GPS) coordinates posted on the internet (

–a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices (

We stowed our first geocache in downtown Akron!

This geocache is accessible to all mobility levels, it is stroller accessible, and suitable for all weather access.

Grab a GPS or your phone and see if you can find the hidden Compass Cali at the following coordinates:

Temporarily Suspended. Our Geocache was stolen. Please standby for replacement coordinates!

This Compass Cali box is hidden is a place that is pretty special to me. Long ago, I lived in downtown Akron and I used to jog nearby. I enjoyed this little pocket of downtown for so many reasons. I hope you find something fun there, too!

Per geocache custom, I’ve added a little something to the box. The first Adventurer to find the box may take the item, but please leave a small token for the next friend.

Post a picture on social media when you find Compass Cali! We will draw a winner from the entries each month and send out a prize!

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As always, Adventurers of Akron are expected to respect the areas they explore around Akron. Adventurers of Akron is not responsible for harm or damages caused by negligent or malicious explorers in any way. Compass Cali boxes are hidden in plain sight. Adventurers of Akron is not responsible for the hidden treasures left or lost by subsequent explorers.

For more information or questions, please email us at:

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